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C1 Parts/Repairs - Interior/Exterior


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Vendor Description
Coker Tire Original design and specialty tires and wheels
Conte's Corvettes, Inc. Used, N.O.S., new and reproduction parts
Corvette & High Performance Variety of used, N.O.S., and reproduction parts
Corvette America Wide variety of parts, manufacturer of Corvette interiors
Corvette Central Wide variety of reproduction parts and accessories
Corvette Clocks by Roger Restoration/repair guages, headlight/wiper motors
Corvette Mike OEM, N.O.S. parts
Corvette Pacifica Aftermarket and replacement parts
Corvette Paramedics, Inc. New & used parts
Corvette Rubber Products Weatherstrip and rubber products
Corvette Specialties New, used & reconditioned parts; 10% discount on stock items for car club members
Corvette Specialties of Maryland, Inc. Reproduction clocks (quartz movement) 1958-62
Corvette Stop New, used, USA made reproduction & reconditioned parts
Corvette World Wide variety of parts Large variety of used parts
Corvettes and Classics Inc. New and used parts
CorvetteSouth Used and reproduction parts
Crane Corvette Supply Wide variety of used/vintage parts
CSC Reproduction Corvette Parts N.O.S. and reproduction parts
CTC's Auto Ranch Inc. Used parts


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