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C5 Parts/Repairs - Mechanical/Chassis


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Vendor Description
Davies Corvette Parts and Accessories Wide variety of parts
Dennis Portka Rebuild (to NCRS specifications) and sell horns/alarms
DeWitts Radiators, fans, hoses etc.
Dino's Corvette Salvage LLC New and used parts and accessories
Don Hart Restoration Products and Service Radiator/gas tank restoration/repair, new and custom radiators/gas tanks
Doug Rippie Motorsports Aftermarket suspension, brakes, engine, exhaust etc.
Dynamic Corvettes N.O.S., used parts
Eaton Detroit Spring, Inc. Springs, leaf & coil, shackles, bushings, U-bolts, attaching parts etc. OEM specifications or custom
Eckler's Reproduction and aftermarket parts and accessories
Energy Suspension Aftermarked suspension parts
Engines Limited Blocks, heads, intake/exhaust manifolds, water pumps
ERL Performance, Inc. Turnkey LS engines
Fatsco Transmission Parts Automatic transmission parts, master/reseal kits, hard parts, repair books
Gas Tank Renu-USA Gas tank restoration/repair
Graves Plating Chrome, nickel, copper, brass and gold plating and stainless steel and aluminum polishing
GS Creations, LLC Under-hood aftermarket accessories
Gulf Coast Corvette Parts and Supplies New and used parts and accessories
Headlight Motor Works Rebuild headlight motors
Inline Tube Brake, fuel & transmission lines (OEM specifications)
J & D Corvette New & Reproduction parts


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