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C2 Parts/Repairs - Interior/Exterior


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Vendor Description
Rowley Corvette Supply, Inc. Used, new and reproduction parts
Seatbelt Sity Seatbelt restoration, repair, fabrication, sales; buys cores
Sermersheim's Corvette, Inc. Press molded body panels
Shad's Restorations Hardtop restoration (1963-67)
Ssnake-Oyl Products Seat belt restoration, new/custom seat belts, fender/front end covers
Stainless Trim Restoration Repair/restore trim and moldings
Stock Interiors LLC Custom molded carpets, OEM quality materials
Stoudt Auto Sales, Inc. Wide variety of new and reproduction parts Aftermarket parts
Sully's Tops Soft-top frames
The Bumper Boyz Chrome plating
The Clock Works Clock restoration/repair
The Corvette Crib, Inc. Reproduction parts
The Corvette Image Fibreglass body panels
The Finishing Touch, Inc. Metal restoration and plating services
The Last Detail Reproduction and aftermarket parts and accessories
Todd's Auto Center Wide variety of parts
Tracy Performance New, used, rebuilt parts, reproduction parts, accessories & racing equipment
Trim Parts GM licensed restoration parts
Trim Tags, Inc. Correct trim tags and original rivets


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