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C1 Parts/Repairs - Mechanical/Chassis


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Vendor Description
Dr. Rebuild Reproduction parts
Dream Restorations Original, restored, N.O.S. and aftermarket parts
Dynamic Corvettes N.O.S., used parts
Eaton Detroit Spring, Inc. Springs, leaf & coil, shackles, bushings, U-bolts, attaching parts etc. (OEM specifications or custom)
Eckler's Reproduction and aftermarket parts and accessories
Ed Hartnett STD Transmission Service N.O.S., new, used transmission parts, cases etc.
Elmers Auto Parts Inc. Blocks, heads, intake/exhaust manifolds, transmissions etc.
Energy Suspension Aftermarked suspension parts
Engines Limited Blocks, heads, intake/exhaust manifolds, water pumps etc.
Fatsco Transmission Parts Automatic transmission parts, master/reseal kits, hard parts
Fort Wayne Clutch & Driveline Clutches, driveshafts, rebuild clutches
Gardner Exhaust Systems Correct reproduction exhaust
Gas Tank Renu-USA Gas tank restoration/repair
Gevo's Rears and Gears Carriers (posi & open), gears, axles, housing, yolks, complete rears
Goat Hill Classic Water/fuel pumps, starters, ignition coils, pulleys etc. (1955-62)
Graves Plating Chrome, nickel, copper, brass and gold plating and stainless steel and aluminum polishing
Grossmueller's Classic Corvettes LLC Original and reproduction parts
Gulf Coast Corvette Parts and Supplies New and used parts and accessories
Inline Tube Brake, fuel & transmission lines (OEM specifications)
Instrument Services Inc. Restoration gas tank sending units


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