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Vendor Description
Larry's License Plates C1-3 Int./Ext.-Antique license plates
Lectric Limited Inc. C1-3 Mech./Chassis-Wiring harnesses, spark plug wires, battery cables
LG Motorsports C5-7 Int./Ext. & Mech./Chassis-Large variety of aftermarket and performance parts; C5-6 performance service
LGB Industries C1-6 Int./Ext. & Mech./Chassis-Battery disconnects
Librandi's Plating, Machining & Rack Manufacturing C2-3 Int./Ext. & Mech./Chassis-Restoration/replating parts
Lingenfelter Performance Engineering C4-6 Mech./Chassis-Aftermarket performance parts
Long Island Corvette Supply Inc. C2 Int./Ext. & Mech./Chassis-Reproduction parts
LT Enterprises C1-2 Int./Ext. & Mech./Chassis-Original and aftermarket/reproduction parts, parts restoration
Lucas Classic Tires C1 Int./Ext.-Classic and vintage tires
Lyle Chamberlain C3 Int./Ext.-Correct restored wiper arms; repair wiper arms