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Vendor Description
J & D Corvette C1-6 Int./Ext. & Mech./Chassis-New & reproduction parts; Restoration/repairs
J.P. Tadduni LLC Automotive Specialties C1-5 Mech./Chassis-Transmission rebuilds/sales/parts; differential service, bearing & seal kits, ring & pinions
Jack Podell Rebuild fuel injections, N.O.S. & reproduction fuel injection parts (1957-65)
Jay's Corvette Parts C1 Int./Ext. & Mech./Chassis-Original parts (1953-57)
JC Whitney C1-6 Int./Ext. & Mech./Chassis-Parts and accessories
Jerry Lang
Jesser's Classic Keys C1-3 Int./Ext.-N.O.S. and antique keys
Jim Clemens Corvette All generations Corvette literature, Protect-O-Plates, trim tags, reproduction window stickers (1959-81)
John E. DeGregory C1-2 Mech./Chassis-Fuel injection parts
John Waluk C1-6 Int./Ext.-Flocking-restores velvet-like finish applied to gloveboxes/other parts
John's Corvette Service C2-4 Int./Ext. & Mech./Chassis-Used parts
Just Corvettes C3-4 Int./Ext. & Mech./Chassis-C4 GM licensed restoration parts & used parts